Sue graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Design of the Environment and then earned a Masters of Architecture at Yale.

Sue established Auerbach Architects in 1999.  Auerbach Architects has designed numerous residential projects, from bathroom renovations to new construction of a home.  They have designed schools, restaurants, office buildouts, and office buildings. 

Prior to founding her own firm, Sue worked for a theatrical lighting company that provided the lighting for LIVE-AID, a concert to raise funds for famine relief. She then worked for Robert Leathers and Associates, a firm that designed playgrounds and oversaw their construction by the residents of the community where the playgrounds were located. Both situations taught a lot about teamwork and the importance of "first-hand" building experience.

Sue spent for 8 years with Wheeler Kearns Architects, one of Chicago’s most innovative architectural firms. In her extensive work on residential, commercial and institutional projects Sue honed her design and technical skills.

Since 2005, Sue has been a member of the Lincolnwood Zoning Board. A potent mix of politics, economics, aesthetics and emotion.

Sue lives with her husband Bill, their 4 children, and their dog, Akita. They are her toughest critics and most loyal fans. Especially Akita.

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